Every two weeks, take part in Belote Tour and travel around the world! Venise, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, many destinations await you. Try to win thousands of chips by taking the first place of the leaderboard. Whether you are a Belote or a Coinche player, competition will be tight but the winners will be greatly rewarded!

How to take part in Belote Tour?

Play Belote or Coinche on any table at least once to enter the Belote Tour leaderboard.

What are the rewards?

1st of your group: 3,000 chips
2nd of your group: 1,500 chips
3rd of your group: 500 chips

What are the various bets and rewards?

Bet 250 / Jackpot 300
Bet 1,000 / Jackpot 1,500
Bet 3,000 / Jackpot 15,000